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Local History

Mystras - a special destination. The perfect combination of natural beauty and cultural tradition.
The Byzantine castle enchants every visitor. Walking through the narrow cobblestone streets makes people feel like the glorious world of the Middle Ages comes to life.
The Frankish castle of the 13th century dominates the plain of Sparta.
Rightly recognized as a world cultural heritage site by UNESKO.

Every year on May 29th lots of people attend the commemoration of the anniversary of the fall of Constaninople that happened in 1453 AD.
Another important event is that great fair which is carried out in the region from 26 August to 3 September every year, for over 300 years.

Local Services

In the central square you will find all necessary shops:

  • Mini market
  • Pharmacy
  • Post Office
  • Bakery and traditional sweets shop
  • Hagiography Icons and souvenirs workshop
  • Restaurants, taverns
  • Cafes, cafeterias
  • Local taxi
  • Bus service to and from Sparta

  • The city of Sparta is within 5km.
  • Beaches and the sea within 40 km. (The town of Githeio, that has some of the best beaches in the Peloponnese)

Local Sights

  • The Castle of Mystras within 1km.
  • Photographic Camera Museum - 100m.
  • Traditional houses, churches and chapels within the town and surrounding villages
  • Ε4 hiking trails
  • Within 5 km. is the city of Sparta (Archaeological Museum, Acropolis of ancient Sparta, Olive and Oil Museum)